Digital printing, real passion

Since the ’70s, we have produced printed materials for advertising and promotion of companies, displays for exhibitions, prints for office, shop, and shopping centre decoration, etc.

Eurocolor Torino is at the nation’s forefront for digital printing equipment and technology, including large formats.

Thanks to our thirty-year experience we can assist you in selecting the best materials and formats for your company communication projects.

Eurocolor Torino offers all the advantages of digital printing: lowered costs, higher speed, last-minute modification capabilities, customisation of material down to the individual copy, quick and inexpensive reprints, no constraints on minimum number of copies, a wide range of media to print on (paper, cardboard, PVC and other plastic media, photo paper, canvas, fabric, wood, glass, metal, etc.).

On request, Eurocolor Torino also takes care of assembly and installation of the materials pro-duced.

What we can do for companies:

  • Large and extra-large format billboards
  • Printing for displays for stands (modular walls, promotional counters, totems, etc.)
  • External building coverings of any format
  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • Pre-spaced adhesives, tape and decals
  • Advertising posters, billboards and panels
  • Large and extra-large format photo printing
  • Signage (printing on any material: plastics, wood, aluminium, glass, etc.)
  • Backdrops for presentations and conventions
  • Banner and totem printing
  • Large format indoor and outdoor panels