Digital printing, real passion

Eurocolor Torino is a high-profile, reliable partner for both public and private institutions.

Thanks to our thirty-year experience and collaboration with numerous institutions, we know how to adapt to our client’s needs by finding custom solutions and recommending the best printing materials and formats

Since the ’70s, we have produced printed materials for advertising and promotion, displays for exhibitions, displays for museums and art shows, displays and promotional materials for sporting events, prints for decoration of offices and public areas, etc.

Eurocolor Torino offers all the advantages of digital printing: lowered costs, higher speed, last-minute modification capabilities, customisation of material down to the individual copy, quick and inexpensive reprints, no constraints on minimum number of copies, a wide range of media to print on
(paper, cardboard, pvc and other plastic supports, photographic paper, pictorial canvas, fabric, wood, glass, metal, etc.).

On request, Eurocolor Torino also takes care of assembly and installation of the materials produced.

What we can do for institutions:
  • Printing of medium and large format promotional materials (billboards, posters, banners, totems) for shows and museums, sporting events, concerts and musical events, exhibitions and patronal festivals
  • Displays for promotional counters
  • External building coverings of any format
  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • Pre-spaced adhesives, tape and decals
  • Large and extra-large format photo printing
  • Signage (printing on any material: plastics, wood, aluminium, glass, etc.)
  • Printing of indoor and outdoor panels of any format
How we can help you carry out your project


A survey is carried out with photos and videos taken in the settings that the materials will be installed in (both indoors and outdoors).


Starting from your project, we develop a video simulation of the final result and recommend which media to use for optimum performance and quality.


We produce the materials in short time frames and with the utmost quality.


We assemble and install the materials, and we are also able to design ad hoc, build and install media structures for finished products.