Digital printing, real passion

Since the ’70s, Eurocolor Torino has been at the nation’s forefront for large-format digital printing equipment and technology, and as such is the ideal partner for print shops that wish to offer their clients a wide range of printing opportunities, even without the necessary technology and equip-ment in the premises.

We provide our services to numerous print shops, which rely on us as their competent, fast and trusted partner that can fully meet the needs of the end client, with special attention to available budget. Eurocolor Torino has a deliberately oversized production capacity, capable of preparing materials in short time frames, even in large quantities.

Eurocolor Torino also has an almost exclusive feature in Italy: printing in white as an extra colour. This means that the same results can be obtained on transparent, reflective, coloured or metallic media as on a normal print made on a white background, all without the use of screen printing (thus considerably reducing costs).

On request, Eurocolor Torino also takes care of assembly and installation of the materials produced.

Equipment and technology used by Eurocolor:


for high-quality digital photo printing (we are the only company in Italy to own 2 machines of this kind).


2 metre print width


3.2 metre print widthi

1 VUTEK 3200R (roll-to-roll) UV PRINTER

3.20 metre print width (first installation in Italy)

What we can do for print shops:
  • Large and extra-large format billboards
  • Printing for displays for stands (modular walls, promotional counters, totems, brochure stands, etc.)
  • External building coverings of any format
  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • Pre-spaced adhesives, tape and decals
  • Advertising posters, billboards and panels
  • Large and extra-large format photo printing
  • Signage (printing on any material: plastics, wood, aluminium, glass, etc.)
  • Backdrops for presentations and conventions
  • Banner and totem printing
  • Large format indoor and outdoor panels