Digital printing, real passion


Digital printing is a system in which ink is printed directly on print media from a digital file, thus eliminating a series of costly steps (film, plates, machine start-up) found in traditional offset printing (or letterpress printing).

Digital printing is especially convenient for short runs because a minimum number of copies is no longer needed to offset initial print start-up costs.

Digital printing is performed using a variety of techniques, including plotting, inkjet printing and toner printing, and can be produced in various formats depending on the printers or plotters being used.

The advantages of digital printing (as opposed to offset printing):

The convenience of “print on demand”

With digital printing, high-quality documents can be printed with quick turnarounds, and only in the amount necessary (there is no minimum number of copies, even one is fine).

Last-minute adjustments and online file transfers

Digital printing comes straight from a digital file with no plates or film, so modifications and additions can be made moments before sending it off to print. Add to this the convenience of sending files online, which makes the process much faster and more streamlined.

Large format printing

With digital printing, costs are significantly reduced for large format prints, especially when considering the cost of offset printing for short runs or single copies.

Document customisation

Unlike offset printing, digital printing can print different versions of the same document without affecting the final cost of printing.

Quick and inexpensive reprints

With digital printing, producing many copies to offset costs is no longer necessary, so only what is needed is printed, avoiding large stocks of supplies that quickly become obsolete. When needed, one or more reprints can be easily and economically made from digital files with any adjustments as necessary, all at no additional cost.

Wide variety of print media

With digital printing, any type of print media can be used: not only paper and cardboard, but also special materials such as canvas, glass, wood, aluminium, PVC, Forex, Plexiglas, metallic or reflective media, fabric, etc…

Top quality prints

Digital printing technology has now reached a level of quality substantially equal to that of offset printing, with extremely accurate colour control and high resolution.