Digital printing, real passion
La Stampa digitale La Stampa digitale

Digital printing is a technology that allows printing directly from a digital file instead of a foil or a photograph, without the need for intermediate steps such as negatives, colour proofing or printing plates.

The advantages of digital printing are countless: lowered costs, higher speed, last-minute modification capabilities, customisation of material down to the individual copy, quick and inexpensive reprints, no constraints on minimum number of copies, a wide range of media to print on (paper, cardboard, PVC and other plastic media, canvas, fabric, wood, glass, metal, etc.).

Eurocolor Torino has a deliberately oversized production capacity to provide materials requested by the client with quick turnarounds even in large quantities, and can even carry out pre-production proofs in short time periods and on any medium, thanks to the versatility of our printing technology. Our highly qualified staff is at your service for colour correction of your images and for assistance in selecting the best media and printing solutions.

Eurocolor Torino also has an almost exclusive feature in Italy: printing in white as an extra colour. This means that the same results can be obtained on transparent, reflective, coloured or metallic media as on a normal print made on a white background, all without the use of screen printing (thus considerably reducing costs).